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The Mental Benefits of Tai Chi

Shulamit Glaubach MD

Shulamit Glaubach, MD, is a well-established and prolific medical professional in the field of child, adolescent, adult, and forensic psychiatry. Currently, Shulamit Glaubach, MD, works at her own private practice, where she specializes in both Western medicine and alternative options, and has recently begun recommending tai chi to her patients with anxiety, depression, or ADHD.

Tai chi is a form of self-defense exercise that has been passed on from Chinese tradition for hundreds of years. The exercise, though there are many different styles, is generally done at a slow pace, with constant, gentle movement, and encourages control and mindfulness while breathing deeply.

There are several benefits of practicing tai chi, many of which are psychological. Practicing tai chi has been proven to reduce stress, slow the heart rate and blood pressure, and reduce anxiety. As the practice is also self-paced, it can be easily catered to individual needs and styles, which makes tai chi an option for people of any fitness level. Another important distinction of tai chi is its potential for meditation, and growing more grounded within both the body and the mind.


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